calm the heck UP

i was going to go to bed early (= at a reasonable time) but instead i ended up trying to figure out who elle’s va is

i wasn’t even successful


everytime you think “that’s too big to be a sea bass”

you’re wrong

you are fucking wrong

its always a fucking sea bass

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tales of xillia 2, tales of zestiria, tales of hearts r. it’s a good time to be alive

i’ve finished all my homework for this week so i should work on my english paper since it and my french paper are due on the same day…

or i could just play 999


did it right, ma chérie B)?



get that shitty earth off my dashboard. what makes you think i wanna be on this garbage planet anyway. take me to saturn to hang out with its sexy rings



 happy earth day 


 happy earth day 

  • website: You have to be over the age of 18 to enter this site.
  • me: haha lol yeah sure i am *clicks*
  • me:
  • me: wait i'm 20 years old